Improve Reading Skills with Play!

Susan is a mom who wants to help her 8 year old son master his reading skills.  After finding our reading program and game, she learned that she had found the help she was looking for!   Here’s what she has to say about our approach:

“We started off with the reading assessment which put Riley on the level that he needed to start on in the program. I liked this feature a lot because it took out all the guess work for me. The program automatically adjusts itself based on Riley’s responses.  He is able to complete the lessons on his own with very minimal supervision.  In fact, parents are encouraged to refrain from helping their child so that the program can accurately assess his abilities.  We are using Reading Kingdom every day that we homeschool, which is 4 days per week.  The lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

I also love that you can get reports with your child’s progress. Riley seems to be enjoying the program and I have yet to get any bad attitude from him “having” to do it.  It’s bright and colorful which appeals to him.  He loves the game format which tricks him into thinking Momma’s letting him play games instead of homeschooling…far I’m really impressed with the program and am so thankful that we were able to try it out as I’m already seeing an improvement in Riley’s reading skills.” — Susan Godfrey

Help your children to learn to read by letting them think that they’re playing a game.  We’re so sure that your children will love learning to read and write at Reading Kingdom that the first 30 days of our program are freeSign up today and join the thousands of parents and teachers already using our award-winning program!