Judge Merrick Garland has been tutoring 2nd graders at Northeast DC elementary school for 21 years

By Bruce Leshan for WUSA9

WASHINGTON — He’s been nominated for Supreme Court justice and Attorney General, but Judge Merrick Garland’s favorite work may be at J.O. Wilson Elementary School in Northeast D.C.

He has tutored children at the school for more than two decades.

Twins Aaron and Alyssa Tucker, 11, can scarcely believe their tutor is so famous.

“They see Judge Garland on TV, so they think he’s a rock star,” said their mother, Andrea Tucker. “So no telling what they want to in their lives. ‘If Judge Garland can do it, so can we!'” she said.

The twins are too young to remember when President Obama nominated him to the Supreme Court in 2016. But Garland kept tutoring other students at the school while Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate declined to even hold a hearing on his nomination.

On Monday, the Senate held its first hearing on Garland’s nomination for Attorney General by President Biden. 

Nearly every Wednesday, Judge Garland has been working with the Tucker twins on reading, math, social studies and history.

“He’s really smart,” said Aaron.

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