Kids think our Reading Program is Just Right


It doesn’t take long for parents to see how well their children like our reading program.  Kristi is a mom who signed her son up for Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she  had to say:

Reading Kingdom starts off with a rather intense placement test.  The placement portion tests not only reading ability, but also typing.  It took Danny a minute to get the hang of it, but once he did, he sailed through it.  It still took him a couple of sessions, though, going at a pretty good clip.  In the end, the program placed him at Level 3 (of 5).

Reading Kingdom encourages you to let you child do the program completely on their own–no help from mom.  In that regard, it is very easy.  In addition, the program is timed, and if the child does not respond in a fast enough time, the program will assume they don’t know.  Danny got the hang of that fairly quickly, but in case he didn’t there is an option in the Parents/Teachers tab to adjust the time requirement…

The program also easily tracks for you and the child, to let you know how far in your particular level you are, and how far in the overall program you are.  That’s a great incentive for my kids, to see how far they come, and how much further they have to go (of course, the most important questions with any reading program is, “Will my child do it?”)  I was actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly and enthusiastically Danny jumped into this!   – Kristi K.

Find out how our online reading program can help your child learn to read with a free 30 day trial. Lingo and company will see you soon!