Kids Will Flip for this Fun Outdoor Game

Looking for an outdoor game at the beach in between kite flying and sand castle building? We love this trio of flip flop outdoor games from Rebecca P. Cohen, author of 15 Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids.

1. Flip flop toss. Similar to a bean bag toss, draw a circle in the sand, stand back, and try to toss each flip flop in the middle! This can be done at home too with a hula hoop or hose.

2. Training session. If you want to relax and read and the kids want to run, focus their energy with lining up all the flip flops vertically (like orange soccer cones with space in between each) and time the kids to see how quickly they can run in and out, up and back!

3. Long jump. Each person places their flip flops apart and jumps over them. Keep making the space wider and see how far you can jump (don’t forget to take a running start!).

Has Rebecca’s book, 15 Minutes Outside, improved your daily life? Post to Rebecca’s blog your story and be entered to win a set of Curiosity Cards. Drawings will take place each week, all summer long!

rebecca P Cohen


Rebecca P. Cohen is one of the Reading Kingdom’s Summer Activity Guides and an outdoor game expert. Be sure to check out the Reading Kingdom blog every Wednesday for posts from our Summer Activity Guides who will blog about parenting, and fun things to do with your children throughout the whole summer.