Lawrence Hall of Science: Educational Websites We Like

Our mascot owl Lingo flew through the web last week to find exciting educational websites.  This week, we’re sharing the Lawrence Hall of Science 24/7 at The University of California, Berkley. Here’s more about them from their website:


What We Do

We investigate, create, and evaluate educational materials and methods, professional development programs, and hands-on learning experiences for our science center, schools, communities, and homes. We develop programs that engage across the learning continuum — from simple curiosity to deep understanding. And our programs are proven effective in any environment — from informal to afterschool to formal K-12 classrooms.

Increasing Opportunities to Learn

Since the Hall opened to the public in 1968, learning by doing has been core to all of our programs. We emphasize science inquiry as well as science content. We know that children learn more effectively and develop stronger interests in science and math if they engage with the subject through hands-on investigations. To address the challenges in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education today, we’ve created a comprehensive set of programs to help increase the quality and quantity of great science learning that kids get both in and out of school.

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