Learning Apps for Kids: Trunky Fish Game


Trunky Fish Game is one of our recommended learning apps for kids.  Our friends at YogiPlay are more than “appy” to explain why:

About the app:

“Your child can learn to recognize colors, letters, and numbers with spin off of the classic Fishing Game – the one where the fish spin in a pond and you have to catch them with a rod as they open their mouths…

How to play

…In this case, the game has different modes where you can play just for fun, or where it asks you to catch the red fish, or the fish with a specific letter or number. It’s great that the learning takes place in a fun and familiar game setting, but it does not quite capture the magic of the game.”

Trunky Fish Game is recommended for ages 3-5.
Download here for $2.99 on iTunes

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