Lingo likes building bridges!


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While Lingo isn’t teaching kids to read, the famous Reading Kingdom owl can be found surfing the web for great education and family websites.  This week’s site Lingo likes is RaceBridges.  Here’s more about them from their website:

“RaceBridges seeks to “build bridges” with stories, media and events between racial, ethnic and other diverse groups. These bridges allow us to walk in another’s shoes, so that the stranger will become a friend.teaching-to-read

This site is devoted to bringing the races together in projects that seek to bridge racial division. RaceBridges seeks to increase interracial understanding and cooperation with online and live projects and events that affirm human dignity and equality. RaceBridges seeks to illuminate the human strengths and gifts that unite us, demonstrating that they are far stronger and deeper than what divides us. RaceBridges is meant for all visitors of goodwill who want to help build bridges of understanding and cooperation between the many different races of our one human family. RaceBridges will be of special interest to students of all ages, storytellers, writers, educators, parents, and all who want to honor the power and potential of building bridges of interracial understanding for ourselves and our children.

The RaceBridges Project is nonsectarian in nature and language. The universal mission of RaceBridges is to unite people of all faiths, people of no particular religious faith, and all people of goodwill to work at the unfinished business of building bridges across racial and class division. In doing so, we can create a more just America and world for ourselves and our children.

Now that we’ve finished sharing this great educational website, Lingo is off on another adventure through the Reading Kingdom and beyond! While you’re still here, click here to join us for a free 30 day trial of the reading website for kids that is teaching to read up to a third grade reading level.  We’ll see you soon!