Making Alone Time Possible With Each Kid Will Strengthen Your Bond


When you’re a mother of more than one child you know the struggle of forming and nurturing a strong bond with each child you have. You may experience guilt to ensure you’re giving each child adequate attention. Not only do you worry about if you’re balancing your time well enough, but your kids may regularly do things meant to get your attention, good or bad. One child will be telling you a story when the other notices and suddenly also has a story to tell too. They may also ask who’s mom’s favorite and press for an answer even if you always say you don’t have a favorite. This is all so normal for siblings but also a sign your kids need more reassurance.

Children with siblings do have to share attention with their moms, but each would benefit from having one on one attention with you on a regular basis. Children crave attention from their mothers. It’s so important to have time alone with each of your children to form a special bond with each one. Whether you have two kids or ten, as their mom you need to dedicate time to each one. Kids love this special alone time with mom when attention is focused on only them, and you’re really listening to them. It will strengthen your bond and will be a time you always treasure.

We know that you’re busy but taking time to focus on your children one at a time doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming or considered a chore. Modern Parents Messy Kids gives the amazing suggestion of taking walks. Walking has many benefits and being able to have a conversation one on one with your kids is really special. A walk is free and so easy to do. Walks are also fast, it may seem hard to put on some shoes and step outside, but it’s not. A quick ten-minute stroll is also enjoyable and will boost your endorphins.

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