Meal Idea for Kids: Choose Your Own Adventure Veggie Lunch


Choose your own adventure books were always fun ways to spend countless hours reading.  Thanks to our creative friends at Super Healthy Kids, your kids can now choose their own adventure veggie lunch!  Here’s how:

I started reading Parenting with Love and Logic this week.  It is seriously such a good book and has made me completely reevaluate my parenting style.  It has made me think about kids and food choices and how our goal as parents is to teach our kids how to make balanced healthy food choices on their own someday. When kids are little, the parent is the provider of all the food.  They really can only choose what you give them.  But in order for them to know how to make good choices, they have to be able to know how to make a choice at all!  I decided to do a little experiment with our lunch today and turned it into an activity, and let them make all of the choices.  It was a lunch success!

I told my girls we were having a Build Your Own Lunch Veggie Adventure.  They immediately were interested and wanted to participate! First I let them choose any fruit or vegetable from our fridge or freezer that they wanted to include.  Then I added the cheese and whole wheat bread.  They chose:

We had a variety of fresh raw fruit and veggies and cooked veggies.  We steamed the broccoli, cauliflower, squash and peas.  Everything else we left raw.

First, let your kids draw a scenario on a paper plate.  (Or you can draw it)  Then they can fill it in with fruits and veggies.

My girls drew park scenes with a slide, trees and flowers.  The great part is they were munching away while they were creating their own lunch adventure.  This is a fun way to get your picky eater to try new foods without making it a big deal.  It is fun to experiment with different shapes, different fruits and veggies and different ways of preparing them.  This exposes your kids to new flavors and textures in a really fun way.  The best part is they are practicing making their own choices!

Favorite Tools for Making Food Fun:

Mini Metal CuttersCrinkle Cutter

Small Bites Food Cutter

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