Mercy Watson to the Rescue


Kate Dicamillo in Mercy Watson to the Rescue weaves a tale of friendship and adventure, highlighting the joys and challenges of growing up. Sweet on Books author Melissa Young tells us more:

What You Need to Know:
• This is a hilarious series that highlights author Kate DiCamillo’s zany, dry humor.
• It is also a fine example of a wonderfully symbiotic relationship between author and illustrator. Chris Van Dusen’s terrific and appealing illustrations only add hilarity to an already uproarious text.
• The book itself is a hybrid between picture book and early chapter book, making for both a great read-aloud experience and a perfect book for the new reader to attempt on his or her own.
Series Background:
Kate DiCamillo does it again with this winning Learning to Read, SR, series. The critically-acclaimed author of both The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and Tale of Despereaux, has created a wonderful series for the younger reader. DiCamillo’s writing talent, combined here with Chris Van Dusen’s terrific illustrations, makes the Mercy Watson series not to be missed
DiCamillo’s characters include the Watsons, the loving, albeit misguided owners of Mercy, their pet pig. They adore Mercy, and lavish great attention and care on her as if she were human. Other characters that make appearances in all the books include the neighbors, the Lincoln Sisters and the clumsy Firemen and Policemen. Each character plays a different role in each story’s plot, but are all consistently bumbling and hilarious.
Book Summary:
Mercy Watson to the Rescue is the story of Mercy the pig and Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mercy is their pet pig, who lives in their home, and who even has her own room. Mercy’s favorite thing is this life is hot, buttered toast and her least favorite thing is sleeping in said room by herself (the illustration of Mercy in her bed, afraid of the dark, on page 3 is priceless). To rectify the situation, Mercy decides to sneak into Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s room and climb into bed with them. Mercy’s heft, however, unluckily has the bed threatening to fall through the floor. Lucky, though, for you and your young reader, it produces this zany, madcap adventure. It all comes to a safe and silly conclusion, leaving the reader (child and adult) wanting more Mercy!
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