Mom Loves the Multiple Benefits of Our Reading Program!


Karyn is a mom who is using our online reading program with two of her kids who are both at different reading levels. Here’s what she thinks about their individual progress through the program:

“I had 2 of my kids working on it and was able to see how it worked at the differing levels that they were on. My daughter is six and really enjoyed using Reading Kingdom. She is still not confident in her reading and benefited the most from these lessons. It teaches her letter recognition, sounds, and even typing. It is also helping her to recognize punctuation as well.  She loves using the keyboard to find the letters and fill in the words.

My older son, who is almost 9 was also working through it. He is working in the second level of the program. This level is focusing more on word recognition and spelling. He loves working through and advancing to new levels. There is a score system that allows you to reach a new section when you achieve a certain amount of points. This motivates him to want to keep going and going so he can get the points needed. I think it’s great!”  – Karyn Tripp

Visit the Reading Kingdom, sign up for a free 30 day trial of our reading program, and check out the many learning resources we have available.  Lingo and company hope to see you soon!