Mom Loves Seeing Her Children’s Reading Skills Improve Independently


Adrienne is a mom who signed four of her children (10, 8, 6, 4) up for Reading Kingdom and was pleased to see her kids’ reading skills improve.  Here’s what she thinks:

Reading Kingdom has three areas: Seeing Sequences (Where both Sterling and Ruby were placed.), Letter Land, and Reading and Writing Levels (Liberty and Eden both were placed in different areas of this one.) The program is based on learning reading in six areas: writing, sequencing, sounds, meaning, grammar and comprehension. You can read about Reading Kingdom’s approach here. Reading Kingdom emailed me progress reports. That was pretty cool! It was great to keep on top of where they were without having to log in to the Reading Kingdom website. It also encourages parents not to help the student – something I appreciated.

Between them being capable of figuring out the program (It was super easy to use!) and me not having to invest time each day to help them along… this was a great bonus for me!”– Adrienne

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