Mom Reports: Reading Kingdom “takes the frustration out of forcing phonics”


Renita is a mom who tried just about every reading program out there before discovering Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks about our unique approach to literacy:

There are a lot of online reading programs out there today.  We have tried many…many of them.  So far Reading Kingdom has become a favorite of Lydia’s.  She has been working with the program a few weeks now and for the first time….drumroll please……she doesn’t whine about starting her reading!!!

Reading Kingdom has taken the frustration out of forcing phonics based learning on her.  This is a big deal for us.  Lydia has struggled with reading and spelling for a couple years now.  I made the mistake of comparing her to others and pushing her a bit too hard.

In the past few weeks, Lydia has made giant leaps in her reading improvement.  She actually picked out books at the library the other day.  She has done this before, but they were chapter books that she knew I would read with her.  Lydia actually went to the early readers and picked them out!!!  I was sooooo excited for her enthusiasm!!!

We actually start out each day’s schoolwork with Reading Kingdom.  The shorter lessons are great for her attention span, and most days she gets so excited about finishing another level….that she will actually do another lesson without complaint!!  That is saying a lot!!

Before we had the opportunity to try out Reading Kingdom I had purchased another phonics based online program for her to use, since it was cartoon based I thought she would love it.  I switched her to Reading Kingdom as soon as we received it and she has progressed more in 3 weeks than in 3 weeks of the other program.

One more thing I really love about this program is that a progress report is sent to the parents, so that you can track easily where your child is making improvements or needs extra help.  You can use these as a guide for your own tracking purposes or for state guidelines if it is required by your state.

We will continue to use Reading Kingdom with Lydia and currently also looking at using it with Caty.  I love the amount of progress that Lydia is making and the confidence that Reading Kingdom has given Lydia to read.

Reading Kingdom works well with her other schoolwork, and I have seen great improvements in her ability to do her spelling work also.  Some children do not learn well with a “Phonics” based approach to reading, and Reading Kingdom has shown me how much trying to force that “typical” learning style on our daughter has made her struggle.

I really do wish I would’ve had this program 2 years ago….it would have saved me so much money and tears of frustration if we would’ve had it when we first started reading.

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