Mom’s first day at school… the hilarity, honesty and honour of sending your kids to school.

By Jeanette Amy Prescott-Budd for

Jeanette Amy Prescott-Budd has written a piece that explains the hilarity, honesty and honour of sending your kids to school.

Facebook on the first day of school: If anyone has forgotten to post a picture of their child’s first day of school, do it now, do it quickly before it’s too late!

Every year is the same, which I quite like, it does however, makes us adults feel a little more ancient with each passing year. This isn’t a South African thing it’s worldwide and why not? My son is in grade eleven this year, so the novelty has worn off, well to be honest it hasn’t really worn off, but he would kill me, I am threatened with a fate worse than death if I even mention his name on Facebook, never mind pop a picture on.

“Mom, stop being so lame, nothing is ever private in this house”! The problem is that our kids give us so much to laugh about, why not share it.

The first day of big school: Since the day they were born we knew that grade one was inevitable and we knew it would be the year that they turned seven, but are we ever really ready?

It’s the 1st December and we all promise ourselves that before Christmas we are going to have all the stationery bought, all the books covered, school uniforms hemmed and altered as we all buy three sizes too big, so that this little 4ft thing can grow into them.

Most of the time the clothes are worn out, or in the case of boys and some girls, torn to shreds. So we have to buy new kit anyway and then in our wisdom we decide to go another size up, they can roll up their sleeves, we can make the hem bigger and they can wear a tighter belt…

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