Nana Cracks the Case!

Nana Cracks the Case! is the story of Nana and her wacky adventures.  The book is reviewed by Sweet on Books.

What you need to know:

• Nana Cracks the Case! is a terrific new series (hopefully! they promise more are coming) that is not the usual,
formulaic stuff that our kids are growing a little bit used to – it is quite an original, wacky sort of adventure.
• This is in the Reader, Sr. reading level, even though there are lots of pictures. The story is quite fast paced, and the
young reader needs to be ready for that.
• Another reason it is bumped up to the Reader, Sr., level is the vocabulary can get quite sophisticated at times.
Check in with your independent reader to make sure it’s not proving too difficult. If so, read it with your child (you
won’t be disappointed!).

Sweet Book Summary:

Nana is not your average Nana, much to the chagrin of her daughter Elaine, and much to the delight of her grandchildren Eufala and Bog. Elaine believes Nana should not be “carrying on” and that Nana should be like a proper old person “sitting around”. This doesn’t agree with Nana, as she would much rather be doing what she has always enjoyed doing, like being a “backhoe operator or marine biologist or substiuting for the trapeze artist.” Age hasn’t stopped her, but Elaine will by putting her in a nursing home if she hears Nana is not behaving! Which is why, when some delicious Yumdums go missing, Grandma (and Eufala and Bog) are on the case of the candy thief – secretly!

This adventure is zany and wacky and just fantastic enough you won’t have to worry about young readers emulating any dicey behavior. They will be too busy enjoying the story and waiting for more Nana adventures.

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