Not Your Favorite Kids Book

Dr. Seuss Birthday

One of my favorite moments of the day is reading to my children at bedtime.  Each night my boys take turns picking out the book that we are going to read that evening. We all cuddle together on the rocking chair, reading and looking at the pictures.

Most of the books they pick are easy reads but there is one in particular that I cringe when they pick it up.

Have you ever read, “Happy Birthday To You” by Dr. Seuss?

It’s a cute story about birthday celebration and my boys love this book. They always giggle at the funny words in the story; Who-Bobs, Snookers and Hippo-Heimers, they just can’t get enough.

This book is made up of crazy words and phrases like,

“To snip with snippers! Nip with nippers!
Clip and clop with clapping clippers.
Nip and sip with clipping cloppers!
Snip and snop with snipping snoppers!
All for you, the Who-Buts clip!
Happy Birthday! Nop and nip!”

Try saying that half asleep, I bet you can’t!

I often stumble over the words and sometimes I even try skipping the sections like “Diver Getz and Diver Gitz,” which always throws me for a loop. But when I do my older son will say, “Mom that’s not how it goes.”

Each section in this book is a tongue twister and not made to be read after a long, tiring day.

So why do I agree to read it to them? There is nothing sweeter than hearing your children belly laugh and say, “Mom I love when you read this book to me.”

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