Online Reading Program Fixes Flaws

Kristina is a mom who has introduced her son to a new and better way to teach kids to read.  Here’s what she thinks of our online reading program:

Challenges in reading education have been around for over 100 years.  You will find countless books and curriculum to help teach your child to read.  However, something is lacking in our approach when 2 out of 3 children are not proficient in reading (US Dept. of Education Stats in PDF).   Reading Kingdom does not focus on hundreds of rules, like the Phonics Approach, or reading without word structure and meaning as with the Whole Language model.  So what makes Reading Kingdom stand out?

To get started with Reading Kingdom my son took a Skills Survey to help determine his placement in the program.

My son was then placed in Reading and Writing Level 1.  Throughout the review, my son has completed 3-4 sessions each week.  The sessions thus far, have taken at most 15 minutes to complete.  A neat feature about this program is that you can control the computer’s response time!

Upon completion of Level 1, my son will have been  introduced to 36 new words.  Adding variations to those new words, he’ll be exposed to a total of 99 new words!!  My son has been heavily submersed into the Detect and Select format, which focuses on one’s scanning ability.  Throughout his lessons, he has been given a target word and is supposed to find all the target words in the text.  After learning all the words, he will be given a book to read that contains all the words he has learned during his time in Level 1.  Thus once he has reached a book, he will have learned all the words in the book, making reading an instant success!” – Kristina C.

Reading Kingdom changes the way children learn to read for the better. Sign up for a free 30 day trial and see how our online reading program helps children learn to read and have a greater chance at success later in life.