Rave Reviews for the Reading Kingdom

Reading Kingdom Online reading programEach week, we’re featuring reviews of moms part of The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s review crew who are using the Reading Kingdom with their children. The crew was offered a free year subscription of the Reading Kingdom program to help us spread the word about the program. Click the their names to visit their blogs, and be sure to follow our Reading Kingdom Twitter list featuring some of our homeschooling parents.

“I like the program a LOT! This is one of those resources that my children request every day, and that reveals a lot right there. I will be continuing to use this within our homeschool, and I hope that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to try it out too. Happy reading :)” “As the child works through this first level, the program sees where she has grasped the material and where she needs further help. This allows her to get to the best place in the program. Thus, you can call this a kid-customized program. What an advantage over what you might experience in a large classroom. In that setting, it’s doubtful that you’ll find that individual attention to a child’s ability.” Laurie Gauger

“My testers enjoyed doing the sessions, frequently wanting to do more than just one in a sitting (they are designed to be short..15-20 minutes long).” Renita Bentz

“Overall, my girls enjoy their 20 minutes to play “their game” on the computer. They love the little characters and are doing well. I love that they are comfortable with the keyboard and are getting some extra reading and writing practice.” Sharon Burroughs

“Both of my boys are excited to use Reading Kingdom. The graphics are fun and engaging. The owl guide is a definite favorite. The boys are always excited to see what’s up next. We will continue to use the program daily…I believe the boys are learning and can’t wait to see where this will take them.” Andria Goebel

“My dd6 has enjoyed the activities on this online reading program and for the most part she is having a blast practicing her reading skills.” Wendy Shipe

Ready to give the Reading Kingdom a try? Start a free, 30-day trial with no obligation to see if the Reading Kingdom is right for your child.