3 out of 3 Homeschoolers Love Reading Kingdom!


Beth is a mom who signed three of her homeschoolers up for Reading Kingdom, then watched as the program went to work.  Here’s what she (and her homeschoolers) have to say:

I like that the program adapts itself for each student, so they are less likely to become bored by repeating things over and over again. I also love that I get emails with progress reports for each child weekly, so I can let them use the program by themselves and still keep up with what they have been learning. This frees me up to give attention to the million other things going on here daily.

In addition to reading the kids kept telling me that they were learning how to spell better as well. I also noticed that when working with sentences they were required to use a capital letter at the beginning and punctuation at the end. YES

I asked each of the kids what they liked about Reading Kingdom and if they enjoyed using it. These are their comments…..

Skye 7 ~ It’s really fun! Even when you get questions wrong its ok. I want to use it every day!

River 8 ~ I like using it because it teaches me to spell and read better, the lessons aren’t too long, and its not too hard.

Braeden 10 ~ I like everything about it, I have learned a lot. Especially the spelling, I want to spell better. I’m glad we got this!

Reading Kingdom is perfect for a homeschool classroom. There are also discounts for additional readers!  Sign your kids up for a free 30 day trial and see the difference our online reading program makes.