Parents team up to hire teachers, create small class for children


It’s well known that teachers do not get paid nearly as much as they should.  And in the ever-changing realm of education, it looks like schools won’t be the only ones competing for the talents of teachers.  The Lodi-News Sentinel shares more:

Teacher Nannette Donnelley passed out black-and-white photos to each of her five students in third through fifth grade. Two students sat on a green couch in the back of the small classroom, which had just enough room for their desks, chairs and a compact wooden teacher’s desk to the side.

“You’re going to write three paragraphs,” Donnelley said. “In the first paragraph, tell me what you think happened before this picture. In the second paragraph, tell me who you think those people are, and in the last paragraph tell me what you think happens next.” She was interrupted between each sentence by one giggling student, who found her photo funny.

When the children went to lunch outside the classroom — formerly an in-law suite — they ate together on a picnic table behind a renovated ranch home on a large Mettler Road property in Lodi.

The students are not enrolled in a public or private school, but a unique home-school program invented by two moms looking for an alternative way to educate their children.

A new kind of home schooling

Gro Bondevik and Lisa Misasi-Chang joined forces in 2011 to create a joint home-school environment with a hired teacher for their kindergarten-aged children.

The two met through their children’s small preschool program at Snell’s Pre-Kindergarten School. As their children prepared to enter elementary school, Bondevik came up with an idea to keep the small, intimate school environment for the elementary grades. She decided to create a classroom out of an in-law suite on her large country property.

Bondevik contacted her friend Misasi-Chang, and within a couple months the school was born.
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