How to Raise a Super Polite Tot

By: Leah Rocketto for


I often wonder what Emily Post would have to say about kids today. OK, maybe often is a bit of an exaggeration. But when I see a child call their mom by her first name or demand something from their dad, I roll my eyes and mutter, “Kids these days.” What happened to the days of pleases and thank yous? If you ask Faye de Muyshondt, founder and author of Socialsklz for Success ($11, originally $16), she will tell you that the times have changed.

“For a while you had, ‘Helicopter Parenting,’ and then it went to the other extreme where the parent was the kid’s best friend,” she says. But being a child’s BFF doesn’t mean parents should push manners to the back burner.

“There is a natural hierarchy in life, and respect and consideration have to be a part of a child’s life,” de Muyshondt adds. Of course, turning your child into an etiquette expert is not as easy as reading them a book. Scroll through to see de Muyshondt’s tips for teaching manners, and making sure they stick!

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