Read along books for kids: The Talented Clementine


For read along books for kids we recommend The Talented Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

“What You Need to Know:

• Sara Pennypacker’s writing style is unique and entertaining.
• There are positive messages of being independent and finding one’s identity.
• Empathy seems to be a running theme throughout the story.
• The generous use of white space and frequency of amusing illustrations will help readers glide through the book.
• The first person narrative results in a strong connection between Clementine and the reader.


Clementine is the story of a clever, imaginative girl who is quick to observe all that goes on around her. Her adventures often get her into trouble but it is always harmless fun. The dialogue and plot are age appropriate, allowing the focus to be more on the action than on what the main characters are thinking and feeling.

In the second book of this entertaining series, Clementine continues to be a funny, sharp and sometimes sarcastic third grader. In the first line of the book, Clementine comments that “teachers get exciting confused with boring” and sets the tone for the rest of the story. Clementine keeps the reader entertained with a constant stream of clever ideas like changing her brother’s name to Blementine so it will rhyme with hers.”

Have your children read The Talented Clementine? What did they think of the book?

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