Reading Curriculum Can Be a Cinch!


Emilee is a mom who was looking for the perfect reading program to add into her daughter’s reading curriculum.  After adding Reading Kingdom to her parenting tool belt, she was pleased to share her family’s experience.  Here’s what she had to say:

“Reading Kingdom is internet based, so you don’t have to download anything from your computer, and your child’s progress is always saved. So if you log-in from a different computer they can still continue from where they were. This is a nice feature for us because sometimes Aurora would be using it from my computer and other times she would be using it on my husband’s computer. We used it in addition to our reading curriculum, but it could definitely be used as an independent curriculum as well because it covers everything in detail.

When beginning Reading Kingdom she took a placement test so it would have her start at the most appropriate level for her ability. I love that it customizes the experience for each child because many times they have to start at specific points, which may be too easy or too hard. Because of the placement test, this won’t happen with Reading Kingdom. Aurora did get frustrated with the placement test because she doesn’t like making mistakes, but I explained that they only way it would know where to have her start is to know what was too hard for her. Once she understood that, she felt better about it. Since then she has really enjoyed her experience with Reading Kingdom and looks forward to her lessons each day. In fact, she now looks at the lessons as fun and ends each one feeling proud and is excited to tell us all about it! I love that she now feels encouraged and excited about reading!” — Emilee Roberts

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