The Reading Kingdom DELIVERS!

As children learn to read independently at the Reading Kingdom, parents are able to watch the measured success take place. Xenia is a mom who recently introduced her daughter to Lingo and company at our magical land of literacy.  Here’s what she had to say:


“One of the areas that I really think that Reading Kingdom especially excels is in keeping the child engaged and interested…I’m really happy with the customization of Reading Kingdom and the way that it truly does personalize the activities to a child’s unique abilities. At the same time, I appreciate that I can quickly and easily check to see my daughter’s progress in the individual levels, as well as in the program as a whole… …and that Reading Kingdom keeps me up to date with emails as she moves to the next levels and a handy chart to see her progress and performance.

Considering that it is designed for ages 4-10, I love knowing that Big Sister E, at age 6, is not only getting extra help with the most important skill that she will ever learn, but that it is fun, entertaining, educational and fully customized just for her. Reading Kingdom even does periodic Progress Checks to make sure that the user’s learning is completely solid and secure.” — Xenia Sundell,

The Reading Kingdom online learning program is unrivaled in its comprehensiveness.  Along with teaching children the six skills needed to learn to read and write well, teachers and parents can receive progress reports to show the development of literacy in their children.  Our program is also designed with the short attention span of children in mind so that they can complete entire sessions in one sitting!

Read more testimonials from parents and teachers, then click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our software that teaches children aged 4-10 how to read up to a third grade level.  Lingo and company will see you soon!