Reading Kingdom Review: A Different Approach That Works!

We have been reviewing Reading Kingdom with our daughters.  While one daughter finds reading and writing to be natural, our other child enjoys it but finds most reading and language arts assignments to be challenging.  When we find a program that makes reading fun for them (especially both of them), we are really excited to delve further into the product.  That is what we found with our online annual subscription to Reading Kingdom.

I think most parents and teachers have experienced reading programs that seem like simple duplications of other programs we have used.   They work really well with some children, but the reality is that for many kids simple phonics or rule driven learning does not fully work.  A child (or adult) has to learn around 600 phonics rules and then those rules have exceptions. My oldest child is very literal and for her phonics work most of the time, but the large amount of exceptions have left her a frustrated reader at times.  I can hear her audibly trying out all the rules when something does not sound right.  Sometimes it works and sometimes she has a puzzled look on her face that shows her frustration with the process.  Reading Kingdom recognizes the difficulty in memorizing this large number of reading rules and takes on a very different approach. Whereas phonics uses sounds, Reading Kingdom uses sounds, sequencing, motor skills, comprehension, meaning, and grammar.

What we really appreciated about Reading Kingdom was the program is customized.  There is the initial placement test that puts your child at the appropriate level.  For one of my children, I would have picked a higher level, but soon realized that the program had picked the correct one and helped her strengthen a few weak areas.  Then once your child is using the program the software takes advantage of their strengths and helps them through areas that are challenging.  If your child masters a word the program lets them skip over it in the future so they don’t feel bored.  On the flip side, the program offers tutoring techniques that let your child learn and succeed.

If you have a typical or struggling reader these programs are excellent additions to your curriculum and let your young reader learn independence and have more control over the process.  Thumbs up from our Flowerpot Girls!

–          Lynne Westbrook

Reading Kingdom makes reading fun.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.