Reading Kingdom Review “Amazing!”


“Reading Kingdom is an online program that assesses children’s learning every step of the way. This is not busy work, put there to entertain them. Every single activity and step is with a purpose and it is backed up with research. I appreciate that, especially because I am a mom that doesn’t like her children idly sitting in front of technology with no specific academic purpose.

Reading Kingdom Online is individualized and it is adjustable and editable, which means that I can adjust levels for each child and I can also adjust response time for my children, too. There are so many unique features to this program that by the time you are done, it will look like it was made specifically for your child. Amazing!

Reading Kingdom is fun, colorful and effective. I asked my children what they think of it and this is what they said: (son) “I like how I am learning to be polite and to type words and read words faster.” (daughter) “I like how I get things right and the birds nod their heads. They are so sweet when I am learning.”

— Tanya Wright

Reading Kingdom adapts to each and every child creating a customized learning experience.  Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.