Reading Kingdom Review: Can Reading be Taught a BETTER Way? With Reading Kingdom, it CAN!

Can Reading be Taught a BETTER Way? With Reading Kingdom, it CAN!

Miss Grace is dyslexic, so her reading level is technically ‘behind’. We’ve tried other programs aimed at Dyslexic children, but she always gets bored and claims they are aimed at little kids, and then doesn’t seem to get much from them.

For Miss Grace who struggles AT the phonic level, but has an amazing capacity to remember by SIGHT, different words, Reading Kingdom is perfect for her! By helping her with sequencing and TYPING (aka the writing) of the word she doesn’t know how to spell/read, she gets to use BOTH sides of her brain, thus planting a firm picture OF the word into her memory. For dyslexic kids this is SO important, as it is how they place things into LONG term memory! And with having her read small paragraphs and find the sounds that ARE alike, it helps not only her reading, but her reading comprehension!

You see, THAT is one of the differences with Reading Kingdom, from other reading programs: children are taught words in meaningful sentences, of common usage that they understand. Then those sentences are combined with other such sentences, to make meaningful paragraphs, like they would find in any fiction or non-fiction book. By teaching the word, then the context, then applying it with other sentences. Kids LEARN form and function, and pronunciation as well! And I think this is where the program has made such a HUGE difference for Miss Grace!

I have seen such a HUGE improvement with Miss Grace’s reading since starting Reading Kingdom. She is SOUNDING out 3-4 syllable words, where before she would hesitate and try not to. She is more comfortable reading out loud to me, and she is reading grade level texts! For example, before she started, she would stop on any word she didn’t know, and after the second word would get frustrated. Now she is trying to sound out the word, asks for correction, and keeps going! This is how she ended up reading that recent biographical book I reviewed, so well! It really makes a Mom’s heart ZING, to know her kid is finally ‘getting’ it and starting to love reading again!

–          Nicole Henke

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