Reading Kingdom Review: “Hey Mama, I can Spell…”

“The program suggests that the student complete one session a day. Well, Joseph was so excited to get started that he has been going strong with two sessions a day. The goal is to complete the levels in increments of 20,000 points. So if he is close to the points required he begs me to do the next session in the hopes that he can get to the next point level. Boggles my brain that he loves this so much!

Joseph has made it through the first part of the program and is now diligently working his way through the level in part 2. He is doing well, and he is absolutely loving the program. He has come to me a few times already and said, “Hey Mama, I can spell…” then proceeded to spell the word. That is pretty stinking impressive!

Because of the knowledge that he is obtaining from this program and the fact that he is continually being encouraged, he is trying to read other materials. This mama heart is so proud of how much he is trying!

Overall, I am giving Reading Kingdom an A+.”

— Callie Domingues

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