Reading Kingdom Review “I think this program can be a huge asset to anyone’s homeschool.”

I think this program can be a huge asset to anyone’s homeschool.

“This online reading program uses a 6 different model of learning to enhance how the child’s brain learns to read.  This model uses phonics, and whole language while teaching skill a child needs to learn to read, without having to learn a bunch of rules. At the beginning of using the program, the child takes a placement test.  This will help the program choose the level the student is at.  Along with the level, it can determine if there are gaps in learning.  This will make sure that the student doesn’t waste time re-learning skills they’ve already mastered, but fills in the pieces that may be missing in reading skills or comprehension. The program is intuitive, and takes your child’s ability and creates the lessons he needs to master a skill.  If your child understands a concept the program will move them up to another skill.  Practice and more examples will be given to the child who is not understanding.

I think this program can be a huge asset to anyone’s homeschool. The intuitive factor of the program seems to be accurate. I used it with my 5-year-old boy.  He wasn’t quite ready to use the sequencing part of the program, and I can tell it’s responding to that for him. He really likes the video game aspect of it, and when he knows what to do, he plays hard and feels good about it! He has really begun to recognize the letters, sounds and is really able to use the program!”
— Mindy Drevo

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