Reading Kingdom Review: “My daughter has been enjoying her online reading lessons with Reading Kingdom.”

“My daughter has been enjoying her online reading lessons with Reading Kingdom. We recently had the opportunity to check out Reading Kingdom and their program and my 6 year old has enjoyed it!

Reading Kingdom is a little different from your typical reading program. They use a 6 skill model of reading instruction to incorporate phonics with whole language learning while simultaneously teaching reading, writing and even typing skills.

The program is designed for student ages 4-10 (grades PK to 3rd) or any age of a struggling reader that may need some additional instruction or help with reading skills.

Students learn sequencing, phonics sounds, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension and the program works to mastery. The repetition teaches the whole word so once the work is “mastered” the student can sound it out, read it, spell it, use it in a sentence/context and, in most cases, type it on a keyboard.

What’s really interesting and innovative with the Reading Kingdom program is that it customizes itself based on the students responses and progress to highlight and work on specific reading needs.

The program is a good supplement to complement your current reading program whether you have a beginning reader or a struggling reader.

Reading Kingdom provides an assessment to ensure the student starts in the right place in the Reading Kingdom program.

The sessions are short, bite-sized sessions that makes it easy for the student to add it to their already busy school schedule. It can be done on the computer or other electronic device. We used it on the computer some but mostly on the iPad due to the touchscreen capabilities within the iPad application of Reading Kingdom.

Each session is about 10-20 minutes, depending upon the students response time to the exercises and there is plenty of review and repetition to master the concept being taught. The student practices the concept in a variety of ways from typing, matching, recalls, and sounding out the word or phrase.

The animation is engaging and bright and the students enjoys the character that they work with through the lessons. The program tells the student when they have finished the lessons for the day and will even tell them they should rest if they try to do too many lessons in a single day. The program recommends 1-2 sessions only per day for a 4 day work week.

The bite-sized lessons were good for my daughter and she did not mind adding it the schedule.”

Tawnee Hinton

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