Reading Kingdom review: “Reading Kingdom is absolutely amazing!”


I am really excited about this program. I will admit I was a bit confused at first. With my heavy phonics teaching background I did not understanding why the program was teaching first words like: girl, boys, some, and kids because many of them are not what phonics programs teach. I’m familiar with teaching the short vowel sounds first so my kids can sound out words like cat, bat, nan, etc.

The program is absolutely amazing to me now that I understand the Reading Kingdom’s goals of teaching content & non content words and how the program uses the 6 skills method tapping into the child’s hidden abilities. I would highly encourage you to purchase the book Reading Remedy. This gives a detailed understanding of the program explaining the theory and basis behind the Reading Kingdom program.

You know what I found interesting on the back cover of the book Reading Remedy? A quote from Paul Orfalea, “A new model for teaching reading-one that opens up all kinds of possibilities for children.” Paul Orfalea is dyslexic so if he’s saying that this program can open up all kinds of possibilities for children and this coming from the founder of Kinko’s (I worked at his company and met him too!) who is dyslexic, that says a lot to me.

— Linda Beltran

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