Reading Kingdom Review “This one is a winner for sure!”

boy with book

 “Every child is different right? I know every one of my four is so very unique, it keeps me on my toes when it comes to their learning! With this program our children learn using sequencing, phonics sounds, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension to decode words.  Once a word is learned on Reading Kingdom, it is mastered. They are able to read it, spell it, use it in a proper sentence, sound it out, and of course they know what it means too. And I love that this program customizes itself to my children as they work, based upon their specific reading needs from past lessons.

My youngest son began at the very beginning; level one and reader one.  I love how he loves this program!  There is such a simplicity to it all; each lesson done in such a way that the child cannot help but succeed in the end. For example, when learning the word “girl” you see the letters and hear the word. You are then asked to spell it and then identify it from a number of other words.  My son loves the little spaceships and helicopters that show him a bunch of letters; the goal is to find he group of letters that makes the word being learned.  Through these kinds of exercises they are learning not just letters but also word formation. Its great problem solving too; some of these get rather tricky. These methods are great! I believe myself this is such a big piece of the foundation our children need to become successful readers. And readers who love to read!

This program is a great addition to any reading curriculum for younger students or those who are struggling in their reading skills.  Both of my children really enjoy working with this program! And I love that my boys are both becoming more confident and eager when it comes to reading and writing.  This one is a winner for sure!”

— Jennifer King

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