Reading Kingdom Review “We’ve been working with it for a little over a month and I can already see the progress.”

“Reading Kingdom is a truly amazing reading program. We’ve been working with it for a little over a month and I can already see the progress. It’s geared for ages 4-10 which my son is 4 so I was skeptical how he’d do. Well right off the bat I noticed he treated this more like a game then other educational toys I’d tried in past. It’s super bright and interactive keeping his attention and I’ll even hear the yay I got it’s as he does the lessons. He especially loves finding the letters on the keyboard that are falling so he can shoot them. The lessons are short enough that he has no problem completing and often asks to do another. We’re still in the beginning stages as he just started pre-K which involves a lot of work these days so adjusting are schedule we’re still working the kinks out of. However I’m excited to see how much he’s progressing and looking forward to future progress!

A little about the program is it was designed by Dr Marion Blank who’s a world renowned educator in reading and writing. It’s her special design that uses a 6 SIM (System Integrated Method). It uses phonics and gears it’s lessons around each individual child depending on their performance and strengths and weaknesses almost like their own personal teacher. I really like the fact that it encourages you to let your child do this on their own without assistance. To often I find that when I’m helping I end up doing most of it which of course he can’t benefit from. I’d recommend this for all children as a great tool to build future skills in this fast growing world of education. Please check this one out you won’t be disappointed in any way!”


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