Our Reading Program Fosters Multiple Learning Skills

reading program

Chris is a mom who signed her 6 year old son up for Reading Kingdom.

Here’s what she thinks about the multiple benefits of our reading program:

“My 6 year old son used this program. He enjoyed working on Reading Kingdom every day after his usual school work. We did Reading Kingdom 5 times a week. Each session takes about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes, he does more than one session a day.

The program is simple enough for young kids to understand what to do and it helped my son on his keyboarding skills. It also develops him remember the spelling of the different words and understand these words as the words are used in books. I also like the parent reports that I can easily get to see how far along and how my son is doing. The lessons are not too long and allow my son to stay focused on finishing each session. I am actually excited to see the next levels.”

Our reading program can help advance multiple skills of your child or studentSign up for a free 30 day trial to get started and enjoy the numerous benefits of our patented, unique approach to teaching kids how to read!