Our reading program includes great educational resources!

Reading Kingdom is full of educational excitement that keeps kids coming back for more lessons with Lingo, the Reading Kingdom owl.  Renita started our program with her son to break the boredom he was experiencing using other reading programs and they haven’t looked back since.  Here’s what she has to say about our reading software:

“My son loved getting to do reading lessons on the computer.  He needed a change of pace and Reading Kingdom was just the ticket to renew his interest in learning to read. I love that the program is simple enough for him to learn and work independently – that alone makes it a worthwhile investment of time. Plus, he was learning keyboarding skills to boot.  The lessons were fun for him, and kept his interest and it was creating confidence in him…One feature I discovered was Reading Kingdom’s Resources tab – don’t miss this! They offer weekly learning tips, recommended children’s books, activities, and games for kids. Lots and lots of resources to help your reader off to a great start!” –Renita Bentz

Give your children the opportunity to foster a love for literacy. Lingo has a full range of educational apps, books for kids and more that will surely keep them entertained.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom and discover the fun in learning again!