Should We Require Computer Science Classes?

Our world relies more and more on technology, which leads us to an important conversation, of whether or not computer science classes should be required in school. Read more from Huffington Post:

Computer science: Most of us don’t even know what it is. It seems distant and even a bit confronting. What does it mean? How is it used? Indeed, most students — and even more adults — don’t know anything about computer science, and there are so many misconceptions about it that too many people are afraid to even try it.

Moreover, since computer science is a relatively recent field — at least compared to chemistry, English or history — educators high in the schooling hierarchy are not willing to substitute it for a subject that has existed for some time and works. But it is precisely because we live in this modern world that this recent subject is so incredibly important; everything around us was in some sense affected by code, and yet most of us cannot even write a simple program that calculates how much gas we use in a year. (continue Reading…)

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