A site we like: Maker Education Initiative

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When it comes to teaching children how to read, thousands of parents, teachers and education enthusiasts know exactly where to go – and that place is right here at the Reading Kingdom. We’ve always been proud to serve you, and now we’re adding a new “Sites we like” feature where we share other sites that we think are worth a look.

Today’s featured website is the Maker Education initiative.  The mission of the Maker Education Initiative is to create more opportunities for young people to make, and, by making, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts—and learning as a whole. They want young people to join—and eventually lead—the growing Maker Movement.

“The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” – Oscar Wilde

Children interested in what they are doing tend to become happier. They are also given a sizable advantage in creating successful lives as they continue the journey toward adulthood. Check out The Maker Education Initiative website for more information on how you can get your child involved.

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