Stories for kids with pictures: Little Owl Lost

Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton is one of the Reading Kingdom’s favorite stories for kids with pictures. Melissa Y.of Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• Little Owl Lost is a visual feast.
• The standout here is the illustrations; it is quite possible this is the cutest baby owl in children’s books.
• The repetitive text and the plot (lost mommy) make this perfect for a very, very young audience.


Little Owl Lost is a sweet and gentle story of a little owl who falls out of his nest and a helpful squirrel who helps him back home to his mom. The newborn owl falls while sleeping in his nest. Squirrel finds Little Owl alone and vows to help. Squirrel inquires, “What does she look like?” Little Owl describes his mom one feature at a time, and Squirrel mistakenly takes him to each forest animal that fits each description. Very big – bear. Pointy Ears – bunny. This goes on until they meet a helpful frog (big eyes) and he reunites Little Owl with his mom and they all go back to the nest for cookies. But don’t take your eyes off Little Owl. He tips over again on the last page, much to my young reader’s amusement. Sequel anyone?

The story is a reassuring tale that will captivate young readers at bedtime. The true star here really are the illustrations. The colors are vibrant and the animals are appealing and friendly looking. This is a book for you and your young readers to savor, like a piece of art.”

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