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Apps for Kids: LEGO App4+

Developing motor skills such as zipping up jackets, using scissors, buttoning, and handwriting, is an essential part of growing up.  We look for the best apps for kids to improve their ability in all areas, including those beyond reading and writing.  That’s why LEGO is a great app for kids who could benefit from improved motor skills.  Our friends at…

Apps for Kids: Puzzle Pop

Great apps for kids are a powerful tool to help them learn through educational activities, puzzles, and even play.  Our friends at YogiPlay are here to explain why Puzzle Pop is one of our recommended apps for kids: “Your child can build fine motor skills and learn strategies for quickly solving puzzles with this multi-level puzzle set.  A sliding-tile format…

Top 10 Children’s iPhone Apps

This guest post originally appeared on Life Without Pink. Tina graciously let us re-post it on our site. A few months ago, I got an iPhone and before I could even figure out how to use it, my two boys claimed it as their own. It’s amazing how quickly they learned to flip through my phone in only one day….