Top 10 Children’s iPhone Apps

This guest post originally appeared on Life Without Pink. Tina graciously let us re-post it on our site.

A few months ago, I got an iPhone and before I could even figure out how to use it, my two boys claimed it as their own. It’s amazing how quickly they learned to flip through my phone in only one day.

The iPhone is perfect for when we have to take a long trips in the car or keeping them entertained while waiting for a table in a restaurant.

Another great feature, is the iPhone keeps them busy when we are sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.  My boys have a fear of all doctors and panic as soon as we walk through the door. If I pull out my phone, instantly they calm down and forget where they are {that is until they hear their name being called}.

But the apps… we love the apps! Here is a list of our top 10 favorite iPhone apps.

Peekaboo Barn

Little B loves this game! Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one. He loves guessing and then tapping the doors to find out.  The graphics are so vivid and its a great way to introduce your child to animals and their sounds.

Dino Match

Actually both boys play this game, but its a great app for toddlers to help with their memory.  The silly sounds keep them engaged and the boys have a ball taking turns flipping the cards over.

Horton Hears a Hoo

Oceanhouse makes a great selection of engaging digital books for readers and one of Little B’s favorites is Horton Hears a Who! He loves the “auto play” version and taping his finger on the photos to learn more about them.

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

This is Little B’s other favorite book. We read this every night before going to bed. This is such a classic! What a cute read and a perfect way to show the kids what happens when you jump on Mommy’s bed {hasn’t worked yet but I am still hopeful it will catch on}.

Angry Birds

I don’t have to say much about this app since I am sure everyone is pretty much hooked on it as well. I actually dream about Angry Birds that is how much my 5-year old loves to play it. The design is creative and I have to admit it is slightly addictive. My son and I have fun taking turns to see who can knock down more items with one bird {why they chose to launched birds not quite sure but it is oddly funny}.

When I asked Big A why he loves playing this game so much he said, “I love crashing the birds into stuff…its funny mom.”

Talking Great White

My husband found this app and the kids have been cracking up ever since! It’s like having your own pet shark. He repeats everything you say….and his voice is slightly different for each person. My kids absolutely love this app, even though I think its kind of creepy!


Who doesn’t love ice-cream? The fun is trying to stack the ice-cream scoops as high as you can by titling the phone to the left and right. It’s one of those games where you think – that’s so simple – but it is actually a lot harder than you think! Try it….and see what I mean.


Probably not the best app for kids, but my 5-year old can’t get enough of this game. He loves swinging from webs and fighting off the bad guys. He loves super-heroes what can I say.


This is for my biggest kid- my husband. He loves a challenge and has a lot of patience, something I don’t always have. He will sit there for hours trying to figure out the puzzles. He has become slightly addicted to this game.


My husband has way too much fun with this app! My boys have been swimming with the sharks, in Africa with the lions and Big A has been part of Mount Rushmore.

These are some of my families’ favorite apps – what apps are most popular in your family?

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