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Children’s Adventure Book: The Great Unexpected

Sharon Creech author of The Great Unexpected brings to life a magical story of wonder, bravery and connection. Melissa Gaynor, Sweet on Books reviewer tells us more: What You Need to Know: • Using magical realism, two stories of love and loss are separated by years and miles until the tiny threads that bind them are carefully sewn together. • The…

Children’s Book Review: 11 Birthdays

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass  weaves a tale of friendship and adventure, highlighting the joys and challenges of growing up.  Sweet on Books author Melissa Young tells us more: What You Need to Know: • 11 Birthdays is a terrific read! • My nine year old daughter and her 8 year old best friend LOVED it (and so did I:)….

Online Reading Program is both Educational AND Fun!

An online reading program becomes far more effective when children think they’re playing a game. The Reading Kingdom online reading program and game does exactly that. Sherry Huckeba from Family Love and Other Stuff has just discovered how much her son loves “playing” at the Reading Kingdom while learning how to read at the same time. Here’s what she had…