Is There a Secret Code to Teach Kids Reading?

teach kids reading

Children don’t come equipped with reading skills, and sometimes parents feel that there’s a secret code required to teach kids reading (it isn’t effortless after all).  Michelle is a mom who believes she’s just cracked the cipher to teach her son how to read.  Here’s more about her discovery:

“I have found the easy way out. It is on the computer which my son loves and all I have to do is log him in and he does his daily practice. It is short so he doesn’t get whiny about how it takes forever and they actually say not to help your child. The program works best if they do it on their own. Glory day! I love helping them to feel independent and to learn on their own.

So you probably want to know what it is huh? It’s called Reading Kingdom and it’s been great! First thing, it has your child take a little quiz to see what level they are on and what areas they need extra help with. I love that it personalized the program based on each child. Not only has it kept my little guy sounding things out and improving his sight reading and letter recognition, but it has helped him learn where the letters are on the keyboard which in this day and age is basically an essential life skill. After each session it gives them a reward in their passport. It also keeps track of their progress in each area and how far they are in each level on an easy to read dashboard so you can keep tabs on how they are doing.

I love that it is super easy, he loves that it is like another computer game. Really it has been a win, win.”– Michelle Barneck

It’s no secret that the old approach to teach kids reading is not working the way it should.  Plug in the Reading Kingdom with a free 30 day trial and watch your kids successfully learn to read on their own!