5 Tips For Using Our Online Reading Program

Here are 5 top tips for getting the most out of the Reading Kingdom. Following these basic tips will help ensure the greatest success for your child when using our online reading program.

1.     Use our online reading program at least four times a week. (Sessions are short, averaging 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the program and getting longer as children progress.)
2.     Set up your computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and chair so that they are at a comfortable height and distance for your child when using our online reading program
3.     Create a calm, quiet and uncluttered environment.
4.     Use a mouse (if you’re using a laptop computer, plug in an external mouse). They sell extra- large mice that are kid-friendly if a child has any issues.

The Reading Kingdom is an online reading program customized for your chils.  So aside from providing hand-holding assistance in the event a child needs help in using the mouse or keyboard, only provide assistance if your child is having problems in navigating through the program – not in answering the problems. Knowing exactly what a child can and cannot do allows the program to customize itself to each child’s abilities.

For more tips, visit the Reading Kingdom Frequently Asked Questions page.