3 Tips for Reading Success

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One of the great things about Reading Kingdom online reading program and game is that you and your child can see results after just a few weeks of regular practice. We’ve found that the better children do in the program, the more they want to practice, and the more regularly they practice, the better they do. So how do you set up this “virtuous circle”?

3 Tips for Reading Success in the Reading Kingdom

  • ScheduleThe more regularly your child practices, the faster he or she will become a star reader.  So make sure to set up a Reading Kingdom schedule that works for both you and your child. Pick a time of day when your child is alert and one that is available for practice 4-5 days/week.
  • Use a CalendarPut a calendar on the wall by the computer where your child practices the Reading Kingdom. Teach your child how to mark off each day when they have practiced. Kids love calendars and seeing how many sessions they’ve accomplished is a wonderful reward.
  • Missed SessionsIf your child misses a session or two (or more due to a vacation or other interruption), get back onto your regular Reading Kingdom schedule as soon as possible.

    If your children are already experiencing the joys of playing the Reading Kingdom game, why not spread the love and recommend the program to a friend?