Unique Reading “Game” Format Boosts Self-Esteem


Angie is a mom who signed two of her four readers up for Reading Kingdom and quickly found out how much they enjoy “playing” as they learn to read.  Here’s what she thinks:

I had two of my children using Reading Kingdom over the last month. They played four times a week for 20 to 30 minutes, or about 2 sessions each time, and easily began the program on their own.

My daughter participated in this program and just turned six years old. She is always very excited to try new things so she dove right in using the mouse. She tested into level two of the Seeing Sequences and level three in Letter Land, which are pre-levels before the main five reading/writing levels. She made quick progress, however, and was soon working on level one (the same level as my son) within the first week of using the program.

My children diligently worked though the entire level one and both completed it within the month. They worked with thirty-six words and read through six books. They interacted with these words through colorful games and exercises. They learned valuable typing and keyboard skills. They played games that helped their visual memory by having to remember things they heard, and they were fully tested to see if they had mastered these words or simply guessed…

My son adjusted to the new skills Reading Kingdom was teaching him and really began to enjoy the program. In fact one of his favorite parts of the program was the fact that it showed his progress after completing a session. He loved finishing up and announcing that he’s at “62%!” and so on as he moved closer to 100%. It even became his favorite part of the day when he finished level 1. He grew in confidence and in skills. The reading portion was easy for him but the keyboarding, especially not making mistakes, was more difficult. He definitely gained confidence with typing and remembering entire sentences that he had to type.

My daughter loved every session and was always asking if it was time for Reading Kingdom and if she could do more. Her reading skills improved as well and she gained confidence in spelling. She kept going around the house announcing how she could spell this word and that word. She was very excited and started to write more on her own, even giving me a sweet letter the other day which I attribute to the confidence she gained from using Reading Kingdom. I look forward to my children finishing the other levels of Reading Kingdom.

See how Reading Kingdom can create a positive perception about learning to read with a free 30 day trial. Lingo and company will see you soon!