Want to add some voom to your vocabulary? Here are 3 words we’d never heard of.


(bel-GAHRD): n. from Italian bel guardo (lovely look): a kind or loving look.
It’s not unusual for a person to give a belgard when they plan to Bogart you. Then again, there are some genuinely kind and loving people in this world and it shines through their eyes. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of this word before but I could see how easy it would be to incorporate into my daily vocabulary and even become common between my friends and me. “Stop belgarding me, you know I can’t say no to those eyes!”

(KAHL-uh-KAYT): v. from Latin collocare, from com-, cum (together, with) and locate (to place): i. to set or place together in proper order, ii. to arrange side by side.
When I first saw the movie Clueless, I was forever changed. How, you might ask? It was the way Cher decided to collocate her closet by color. I had never seen a rainbow in a closet before and it stuck with me forever. Today my closet is not only collocated by color, but also type of clothing (i.e. shirts, dresses, etc.). Is there something in your life that you have to collocate?

(doo-EN-DAY): n. from Spanish dialectal (charm), from Spanish (ghost): the ability to attract others through personal magnetism and charm.
Before I even read the meaning of this word, I was drawn to it. It’s not only fun to say, but you kind of have to pucker your lips to say it correctly. So, it makes sense that it means magnetism and charm. Instead of saying swag (if you even use that word), try using the word duende for a week just for fun. I can see your duende multiplying already girl.

(You can see more unusual words here.)

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