Why Teaching in the Netherlands Made Me Quit Teaching

By Tracey Donnelly for medium.com

For anyone who is a teacher, or ever has been, I don’t need to tell you how hard a job it is. It’s not just the nightmare kids that disrupt your lessons and the late nights marking and planning.

It’s also the kids who you know are bright beyond measure — they bring an additional pressure because you want them to do so well and sometimes you don’t feel like you’re good enough to help them get there. I’ve genuinely had kids who knew more about certain authors/literary study areas than I did. I wish them all well — some of them will change the world.

But teaching is, and I’m sorry to say, I fear always will be, an overworked and underpaid job.

It’s part of the reason I got out. But the biggest reason I left teaching in the UK, was because of my time spent teaching in the Netherlands.

*disclaimer* this is just my opinion on what I found and is in no way a generalisation of ALL schools in either the UK or the Netherlands.

The five year retention rate in the UK is dropping, and I’m one of those statistics. I left the profession, a ‘job for life’, to work elsewhere. And it’s the best thing I ever did.

When I got the opportunity to work out in Amsterdam, I jumped at the chance. I’d worked in schools in Abu Dhabi, but they were private schools, and with that comes a different aspect of working — you can’t compare it to public schools.

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