Winners, runners up and special commendations


An underwater photo of a group of tadpoles captured by biologist Bert Willaert has won first place in the inaugural Royal Society Publishing photography competition. The award celebrates the power of photography to communicate science.

The winning photo and all the runners up and special commendations will be on display at Life through a lens, a free Royal Society event on 26 November 2015.

Tadpoles overhead, by Bert Willaert, Belgium. All rights reserved

The winning photo stood out from over 1,000 entries for giving a tadpole’s glimpse of the world beyond the water — a surprising perspective of an everyday biological phenomenon.

Winner Bert Willaert, who is a biologist of amphibian evolution and an environmental advisor, said:

“Clear water is hard to come across in the part of Belgium where I live, as a consequence of eutrophication. When I noticed these common toad tadpoles in the crystal clear canal I wanted to capture the chance encounter from their perspective.

“To conserve the natural world I think drawing attention to the beauty of these ordinary moments in our own neighborhoods, including our own backyards, is particularly important.

“I believe people will only conserve things when they know it exists — and how often will people have had snorkeled in their own garden pond?”

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