101 fun fall activities for kids

By Lauren Garcia for Care.com

Autumn lovers, rejoice! Your favorite season is finally here (along with bajillions of fall activities for kids that accompany it). As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change color, it’s time to start thinking about how you can help children of all ages get outdoors and take advantage of everything this amazing season has to offer — or bring the outdoors indoors. 

From arts-and-crafts projects to festive outings, this list of 101 fun fall activities for kids has something for everyone!

  1. Visit an apple orchard.
  2. Build a scarecrow stuffed with newspaper.
  3. Make a classic apple crisp.
  4. Have an apple cider “tea” party.
  5. Bake apple chips.
  6. Make super-easy crafts — using only three supplies or less.
  7. Paint wooden crafts.
  8. Make handprint leaves.
  9. Create leaf rubbings.
This leaf rubbings craft makes a fun fall activity for kids
Image via The Child Is The Curriculum/Instagram
  1. Read some of these autumn-themed children’s books.
  2. Make popcorn balls.
  3. Stuff leaves into bags and decorate them like pumpkins.
  4. Take a hayride.
  5. Decorate stationery with homemade leaf stamps.
  6. Play “I Spy” during a nature walk.
  7. Learn about Dia de los Muertos and make papel picado.
  8. Collect and identify leaves.
  9. Get lost in a corn maze.

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