Reading and math test scores fell across US during the pandemic. How did your state fare?

By Kayla Jimenez for USA Today

As educators, community members and parents work to help kids catch up from pandemic-related learning loss through accelerated learning and high dosage tutoring, national test scores published Monday prove a loss already felt in America’s schools. 

Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show dramatic and sobering declines in math and reading scores for the nation’s fourth and eighth graders, laying bare the ways pandemic-related disruptions damaged American students’ ability to learn.

Although federal officials who administer tests also known as The Nation’s Report Card typically caution against directly tying anything to students’ performance on tests, this time around, National Center for Education Statistics Commissioner Peggy Carr didn’t hesitate to attribute historic, “troubling” declines to student achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Math scores for grades four and eight on the nationally representative tests showed the largest declines since NAEPtestingbegan in 1990. Reading scores declined in both grades, too, since the onset of the pandemic.

In 2022, average reading scores in fourth and eighth grades decreased by three points from 2019, and average math scores in fourth and eighth grades decreased by five and eight points respectively, the test results show. The test, which involved 446,700 students at 10,970 schools, across all states at the beginning of the calendar year, is scored on a scale of 0 to 500.

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